All home inspectors should have your guts to tell it like it really is!

Terry Carrick,
Real Estate Consultant

I am writing this letter to tell you I personally found your short form inspection report not only cost effective, but very efficient. Your inspections are carried out in a thorough, very business-like manner. Focus is kept strictly on the business at hand.

Clients are left with an itemized summary of maintenance items for the property they wish to buy. In many instances, this form arms them with knowledge of maintenance items they may not have been familiar with prior to inspection and at a reasonable cost.

Again, I will be happy to continue to recommend your services to prospective buyers of investment real estate and to use your services myself.

Jane Darling,
Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Broker

To Whom It May Concern:

We have used Mr. Wantz exclusively because his short form report gets to the basic condition of a property. We are not interested in the long form report which usually gets into infinite detail about things that are obvious to the buyer's untrained eye.

What the buyer wants to know are the structural and mechanical strengths and weaknesses of the property and the estimated costs of replacement or repair. The long form tends to over report unnecessary information which even the untrained buyer can observe. The long form in our opinion detracts from the real concerns of a property and provides for the justification of the fee charged.

Lee & Mary Martin
Contractors, Innovative Inc.

Dear John,

How many "Dear John" letters do you receive? Seriously, I thought it was about time I put in writing what I've told you many times; I have never been disappointed in the way you've approached inspections with the buyers of a property. You are very thorough and buyers appreciate your directness toward problems. Yet, as a Realtor/I never feel as if I'm losing a deal.

The buyers from Ohio were particularly pleased that they could have the basic report done for only $150.00. Since they are very adept at home improvement, it was quite appropriate that they only had to know if there were any major problems. I don't think any of my buyers has ever taken the one-year warranty, but I'm sure some people do. It's another example of how your business operates on the idea that "no one inspection fits all".

You should know that I don't solely recommend you as an inspector. You are usually chosen from a list of four. I believe your unique marketing is what makes most of they buyers choose to "go to church".

Rich Housfeld,
Nicholson Realty

To Whom It May Concern,

I can only compliment John Wantz on offering all buyers in the market place an opportunity to have some education of the home maintenance requirements, no matter their financial condition. John enables many more buyers to have home inspections as most of the metropolitan Milwaukee buyers purchase with no money down or have special incentives which give them the down payment. These people do not have the extra money for a more sophisticated report which many do not even understand. I find it inspirational that a home inspector would not discriminate for many of the minority/less affluent buyers in the market place. I feel the real estate industry should applaud someone who is willing to provide a less expensive report to accommodate all our needs in the industry.

Sandy Ertel
Associate Vice President,
Shorewest Realtors

To whom it may concern:

My name is Patrick Bennett; I am an investor who specializes in the purchasing of single-family homes in the Milwaukee area. We have been using John V. Wantz at Church Home Inspection for over three years. The short form format that he uses has been a huge benefit to us. Not only because of the cost factor but, it focuses on major or concerns that we have. He has saved us thousands of dollars and lots of headaches where we would have bought lemon properties.

Thank you,
Patrick Bennett 

Dear Mr. Wantz:

Thank you for your report. It was everything we needed. Mr. Vehige and I are well pleased with your work. Your expertise coupled with the elegant simplicity of your report are very much appreciated.
Thank you for kind assistance in this matter.

Edward C. Hageman

Church Home Inspection Services, LLC.

Certified Lead (Pb) Company

WI. Dept. of Health Services

Certification # DHS-1859980

Certified Asbestos Company

WI. Dept. of Health Services

Certification # CAP-1859980


John V. Wantz, CMI, CFI, CLRA, CAI.

InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector®

International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors

State of Wisconsin Certified Lead Risk Assessor #DHS105095

Certified Asbestos Inspector
#DHS 105095

FHA/HUD Inspector #N297

State of Wisconsin
Licensed Home Inspector #176-106

State of Wisconsin
Certified Building Inspector

U.D.C. New Construction #72180

State of Wisconsin
Certified Rental Weatherization

Compliance Inspector #72180

Certified Fire Inspector #CFI-11-004

National Fire Protection Association








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