Professional Expert Witness testimony in residential/commercial real estate litigation, depositions, arbitrations & investigations $150.00 per hour.

                                           • Radon Gas

                                           • U.D.C. Standards of the Industry Compliance Inspections

                                           • Lead Paint

                                           • Asbestos Insulation

                                           • E.I.F.S. Externally Insulated Finished Surfaces Certified

                                           • Well & Septic



All Mold Investigations are $150.00 per hour, plus $100.00 per sample, plus expenses.



July 17, 2003

Re: Peterson Trial 

Dear Mr. Wantz:

Thank you for your congratulatory note.  I really feel that a large part of my success was as a result of your testimony.  Your common sense approach to this case was very helpful in explaining the issues to the jury and exposing the claims being made by other "experts".  Most people do not understand the issues regarding mold growth and what is actually required to deal with its presence.  When other expert witnesses testify that an affected area will need to be sealed off, special protective clothing worn and describe a scene out of "Ghostbusters" as being necessary in order to abate the mold, it can be very intimidating.  Your testimony refuting these requirements under the particular facts of the case were instryumental in helping the jury to understand the exact requirements to remedy the situation.

Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future.

Very truly yours,

Michael A. Jacobson,


March 11, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to provide reference for Mr. John Wantz, who is associated with Church Home Inspection Service, Inc.  Mr. Wantz was referred to the Dodgleand School District by Dave Parker in the spring of 2002.  The Dodgeland Elementary School at Lowell was experiencing problems with the air quality of intermediate extent.  Mr. Wantz collaborated with Mr. Parker to provide ongoing analysis of the environmental status of the Lowell school, over a period of approximately six weeks.

The results were issued with recommendation for remedy after which the environment was judged to be within acceptable limits, and the building contents were prepared for moving to the new Dodgeland school facility.  As of last June, the building was suitable for use by the community or others who would care to inhabit the building.

The school district found the services of Mr. Wantz to be not only useful to our purpose, but econmical as well.  We would recommend the services of Mr. Wantz to others.

Yours truly,
Howard H. Moon, Jr., PhD Superintendent/PreK-12 Principal, DODGELAND SCHOOLS


March 6, 2003

Associated of Energy Engineers:

This letter of referral is being written in response to my association with John Wantz.  When I placed my home on the market in 2002, I was informed by the buyer's inspector, that I had a mold problem in my attic.  I called John Wantz for professional evaluation in order to determine the extent of the problem.  Air samples upstairs and downstairs were taken and cultures were grown which showed an acceptable count.  As a result of his expertise in handling this matter, along with the report which was subsequently submitted, the matter was easily cleared and the sale went through.

It was a pleasure working with Church Home Inspection and John Wantz.

Very truly yours,
Werner Richheimer


February 27, 2003
Re: John V. Wantz/Church Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Dear Association:

I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of John V. Wantz who owns and operates Church Home Inspection Services, Inc. at 205 South Elmridge Avenue, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005.

I have personally known the applicant from January of 2003 until present.  I am professionally familiar with the professional work of the applicant.  Mr. Wantz was hired by my client to perform both structural and mold inspections of a single family dwelling.  Mr. Wantz performed those inspections and made reports and has been retained to provide expert witness testimony.  His reports were excellent.  He was recommended to me by another attorney in Wisconsin who was pleased with his work. I know of no reason why Mr. Wantz should be denied certification.

To the best of my knowledge, I hereby attest that the above information is true and correct.  I am an attorney and a partner in Meier, Wickhem, Lyons & Schulz, S.C. I am a trial lawyer.

Very truly yours,
James D. Wickhem, 


February 27, 2003
AEE Certification Board
4025 Pleasantdale Road, Suite 420
Atlanta, GA 30340
Re: John V. Wantz - Letter of Reference

Dear Sirs/Madams:

I have personally known John Wantz for the past 2 years. John has personally performed a home inspection for me and I found him to be knowledgeable, thorough and professional in the services he performed.  John also was retained by a home owner client of my office to inspect and provide his professional opinion regarding water infiltration, mold and air quality issues in new construction as part of litigation related to General Contractor and Supplier negligence.  John testified at trial and was easily qualified by the court to render expert opinion on air quality issues, among other areas related to residential construction, based upon his broad knowledge base, experience and professional certifications.

Should John otherwise meet the standards set by the Association of Energy Engineers for certification as an indoor Air Quality Professional, I believe John is an excellent candidate for your consideration and recognition.

Very truly yours,
Gary W. Thompson,




February 6th, 2003
Re: Home Inspection


Dear John Wantz:

I would like to thank you for the home inspection you did for us on January29, for the condo that we are in the process of purchasing.  Your inspection was very thorough and detailed in covering not only the condition of the condo unit itself, but also the entire building inside and out.  Your report was very detailed and easy to read and understand, covering all necessary areas.

I would also like to thank you for your honesty and your thorough knowledge of the Home Inspection laws.  Since this unit will be used as a rental unit we were told by our realtor that we would need a DILHR Inspection as well.  When we asked you to perform this inspection for us also, you told us we would not need this because the unit was built after 1980.  Your honesty and knowledge of these laws saved us from paying for an inspection that was not needed in our case.

Because of your excellent service and fair pricing, we will definately use your services again for any future home inspection needs.  We wish you continued success in your Home Inspection Business.

Sincerely yours.
Dan Enright



April 8, 2000
Re: Home Inspection


Dear John:

I would like to start by introducing myself.  Last May, while I was serving on a jury presiding over a civil matter regarding the sale of a home in New Berlin.  I learned first hand the importance a quality home inspection entails.  Two days into the trial and one expert witness after another the jurors along with myself had developed a slgiht leaning toward the defendants in the trial.  On day three the prosecuting attorney called you to the stand.  It was on that day the trial dramatically changed for the plantiff.  Your testimony was absolutely brilliant, but not because of your court demeanor or manipulation of the system, but because you presented the hard facts.  Irrefutable facts that were not even questioned by the defense team of lawyers.  Your thorough evaluation of the home made me realize the importance of having the best inspector examine any potential home.  That day forward I promised to use your services for the next home inspection that I needed.  The other jurors, some of whom had knowledge of your meticulous labor, and I discussed your impeccable discovery methods.  Your credentials speak for themselves; Master Home Inspector, Licensed Building Inspector, to Licensed Home Inspector, and many more countless references that you have make me feel secure in knowing that I am getting the best inspection possible for my home.  Thanks again for taking the time to inspect my home.

James M. Selas








Church Home Inspection Services, LLC.

Certified Lead (Pb) Company

WI. Dept. of Health Services

Certification # DHS-1859980

Certified Asbestos Company

WI. Dept. of Health Services

Certification # CAP-1859980


John V. Wantz, CMI, CFI, CLRA, CAI.

InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector®

International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors

State of Wisconsin Certified Lead Risk Assessor #DHS105095

Certified Asbestos Inspector
#DHS 105095

FHA/HUD Inspector #N297

State of Wisconsin
Licensed Home Inspector #176-106

State of Wisconsin
Certified Building Inspector

U.D.C. New Construction #72180

State of Wisconsin
Certified Rental Weatherization

Compliance Inspector #72180

Certified Fire Inspector #CFI-11-004

National Fire Protection Association








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